Rumor Mill

The Most Recent Rumors

  • Many of the adventurers who used to call Cauldron home have moved on to bigger cities and richer prizes.
  • The lord mayor has journeyed to the Samargol to petition their aid.
  • The lord mayor was assassinated by members of the Last Laugh thieves’ guild.
  • Lord Vhalantru’s leadership is the only thing holding the city together.
  • Embril Aloustinai, the high priestess of Kelemvor, fled the city in shame.
  • A pair of young divers saw a huge monster in Crater Lake; they barely escaped before it saw them! Sadly, they didn’t get a good look at it.

Old Rumors

  • Unholy blue lights have been seen flickering from the second-story windows of Ghelve’s Locks; Ghelve has gotten into dangerous and evil magic.
  • When Maavu the merchant fled the riot, a group of half-orc thugs chased him on the road to Samargol.
  • Centuries ago, the first human colonists to settle the Caudron region were led by Surabar Spellmason, the most powerful earth elementalist of all time. He freed the region from demons and put the volcano under Cauldron to sleep.
  • A cutpurse named Nibocha saw a doppelganger near the Tipped Tankard Tavern. Nibocha became aware of the creature’s nature when she tried to pick the doppelganger’s pocket.
  • Three weeks ago, a gnome peddler named Flismatt met Alek Tercival at the Lucky Monkey. The paladin was helping the carpenters to repair the building, and helping them indeed! He could split logs with his bare hands and carry an elephant’s load on his back.
  • Three months ago, Alek Tercival met with the Stormblades while they were playing a home version of “snatch the gem” at the Drunken Morkoth Inn. The paladin did not join in the game, but amazed everyone by pulverizing a bone, eight-sided die with his bare hands.
  • The City Council raised the taxes to buy a powerful artifact that will permanently protect Cauldron from future floods.
  • The crater known as the Demonskar is polluted with smoke seeping from the Abyss.
  • The Last Laugh is preparing the assassination of prominent members of the City Council.
  • Terseon Skellerang is preparing a special task force to raid Redgorge. He thinks that a group of dangerous conspirators have their base there.
  • The town guard found a spellbook in Maavu’s house filled with conjuring spells, including one that could have summoned the umber hulk that assaulted Cauldron recently.
  • Maavu the caravan-master was keeping the umber hulk has a pet. If you didn’t pay the price he offered you, he’d feed you to the monster!
  • The umber hulk burrowed its way up into the city from the Underdark because its caverns were flooded this winter. There are hundreds of such creatures down there, and if they discover how much food is available on the surface, they’ll destroy Cauldron!
  • Lord Vhalantru, one of the lord mayor’s most trusted advisors, was recently tasked with protecting Cauldron from future disasters.
  • The giants in the mountains south of the city are getting restless and plan to invade Cauldron this winter.
  • Cauldron’s not the first city to be built on this site. Adventurers tell stories of a ruined city in the caverns below, a city built by a strange race of monsters.
  • Some sort of evil aquatic druid from the Underdark has taken up residence in the lake, and it’s planning to cast a spell to lure people into the water to transform them into its monstrous minions!
  • Hookface the dragon was spotted flying over the mountains to the east by some adventurers — hope they don’t go rile him up!
  • More giant snakes have been sighted near the village of Hollowsky. I bet the yuan-ti of Shatterhorn are back!
  • The Flood Festival is a front, founded years ago by a cult of Bhaal to fund a secret army of bloodthirsty mercenaries hidden in caverns below the city.
  • A tentacled beast lurks in the cold depths of the lake.

Rumor Mill

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