Cauldron: The Shackled City

Secret of the Soul Pillars

July 6th, 1370

When the PCs enter Cauldron, they head straight to the temple of Helm to get a status update from Jenya. She tells them that their news of Alek’s death was able to stop Skellerang from laying siege to Redgorge. Outside of that though, there is very little good news to report. Citizens are leaving the city by the dozens, with nearly 500 people total already gone, and more making preparations to follow suit. The Lord Mayor is not around to address any of the cities issues because he is either requesting aid from a neighboring land or dead (depending on which rumor you believe). Either way, the city is currently being held together by Lord Vhalantru.

A few days after returning to the city, and assassination attempt is made … on them! Two figures rush in through the door of the Laughing Horse and charge the PCs, all without making a sound. In fact, even the patrons nearest them are completely silent, even though they seem to be yelling and screaming. As party engages their attackers (a half-orc with a greatsword and a human woman with a rapier), the townsfolk rush out through doors at the front and back of the Inn.

Flavian and Kursk take on the half-orc while Scrump gives the woman a hug grapples the woman. The half-orc lands one solid blow, but is slain without much difficulty. Meanwhile, Scrump rescues the woman to the ground. While he’s fighting to try and restrain her, the entire common room is blasted with extreme cold. A couple of the PCs notice that the spell originated from the front door, and rush there to engage its caster. Their assailant remains unseen until Jerim cast a spell to reveal him. Just as he is discovered, the enemy caster launches a lightning bolt through the doorway, then takes off at a sprint down the street, surrounded by a half dozen images of himself. In a desperate attempt to keep the assassin from escaping, Jerim targets him with a holding spell. Surprisingly, the spell works, and the fleeing man crashes to the street.

They grab the paralyzed man and return to the Inn. Scrump has finally gotten the woman into manacles, and he dumps her behind the bar while the decide what to do. As they are discussing their options they hear a loud thumping coming from behind the bar. They see the woman smashing her face against the floor, then fall unconscious in a pool of her own blood. Confused and concerned, they turn their attention to the still-immobile spellcaster. They make sure he is is tied up well before the spell ends, then wait until he can talk. They try to question him, but he refuses to give them anything solid. When they threaten to turn him in, he says that he’d just escape. Then they threaten to kill him, he tells them that he doesn’t fear death. Death is unavoidable, and not irreversible. Deciding that this interrogation is pointless, they give him what he wants… death.

As the PCs search the bodies, they find something of interest (apart from a few magical items). The woman is wearing a holy symbol around her neck that depicts a grinning skull surrounded by drops of blood; the symbol of Bhaal. The sorcerer has the same symbol tattoo on his upper arm. With two signs pointing them toward Bhaal, the party decides to head to the temple of Kelemvor, which was a temple of Bhaal until the god’s death 12 years ago.

  • We fight all those who stayed Temple of Bhall to kill us, including the High Priestess’s 2nd in command, Ike Iverson.
  • We find correspondence between High Priestess (Embril Aloustinai) and someone who signs their name as “F”. In these letters we learn that Embril is one of the 13 leaders of the Cagewrights, and that F is researching something called the Soul Pillars in a place called Kurran-Kurral. F also mentions cages (like the one found in the temple of Bhaal) being part of a ritual, presumably the one that would turn Cauldron into a Carceiran gate town.
  • Through research, we find where Kurran-Kurral is (deep beneath the mountains), and travel there.
  • It’s unnaturally cold here.



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