The 507th level of the Abyss, Occipitus is unusual even amongst the intensely diverse topography of this chaotic plane. Millennia ago, it was a actually part of Celestia. Then it was the site of a tremendous battle between celestial armies and the army of Adimarchus, a rebel angel. In order to purge Celestia of Adimarchus’s corrupting influence, the Gods of Light literally carved out the ground beneath his feet, sending plains and mountain ranges alike hurtling out of the heavens.

When Occipitus landed in the Abyss, it became a twisted, decimated echo of its former site. Although it was corrupted by Adimarchus’s evil (and the evil of the demons who came to inhabit it), the plane retained small shards of positive energy reminiscent of its former glory; these shards often manifest themselves as “flashbacks,” briefly and tantalizingly transforming the environment into something beautiful and serene.

Most of the time, however, Occipitus is just as hideous and inhospitable as the rest of the Abyss. Its environment has a disturbingly organic motif: flora resembles hair and bones, lakes are filled with ulcerous blood, and the ground itself is the colour and texture of decaying flesh. High above the ground, the air seethes with semi-sentient blobs of acidic protoplasm. These blobs surge continuously out of the “eye” of Occipitus’s most distinctive landmark: a bone-white mountain in the shape of a smashed skull.

Adimarchus left behind him a series of magical tests — collectively called the Test of the Smoking Eye — to determine which, if any, of his claimants deserved to inherit Occipitus.



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