Terseon Skellerang

Captain of the Town Guard


Terseon is a grizzled veteran of the Amnian army. He retired after 15 years of service, deciding that he wanted to see more of the world outside of Amn. He signed on as guard of a merchant caravan headed east and never looked back. After nearly a decade of travelling almost non-stop, he decided that maybe he had seen as much of the world as he wanted to see, and began to contemplate a second retirement. On what turned out to be his last job as a caravan guard, he protected a shipment of medical supplies and healers from Thindol, headed for a city in the Sanrach Mountains which had been hit with a rapidly spreading case of filth fever. And so it was, that seven years ago he arrived in Cauldron, a city whose population was plagued with an epidemic. Eventually the filth fever was brought under control, but not before nearly 800 people died, including the captain of the guard and many other officers of the watch. Realizing that he was actually fond of the perpetually warm weather of the peninsula, and seeing this as a potential opportunity to settle down, Terseon offered to join the guard and help however he could. When the Lord Mayor and his advisors learned of Skellerang’s experience, he was asked to lead the watch, and help train recruits to take the places of those who were lost.


Terseon Skellerang

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