Shensen Tesseril

Half-Drow Bard/Druid/Monk


Shensen is a follower of Shaundakul, and a member of the Striders of Aranel. She is half-drow and half-elf. She would appear at first glance to be a drow… that is, unless you’ve ever seen a drow. Her skin has a dusky darkness to it, rather than the pure black of the drow, and her hair is more of an abnormally light blonde, as opposed to stark white. She had been maintaining the small shrine to Shaundakul within the Lucky Monkey, surreptitiously monitoring Cauldron’s comings and goings. Since the trashing of the Lucky Monkey by Triel and her were-baboon lackeys, the inn has been slowly completing repairs, and Shensen has returned to Cauldron. She has been introduced to the Striders’ newest member, and has her sights set on another potential recruit… for more personal reasons.


Shensen Tesseril

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