Phillip Gunderson (He Dead!)



Phillip was a Human Warlock/Wizard from Redgorge.


Here is how Phillip met his tragic end:

…The doors open into a large room with an altar on the far side. Scrump is erroneously convinced that the room is not trapped and he steps forward. The 10-foot section of floor immediately beyond the doors falls out from under the barbarian and he plummets 40 feet down to the waiting spikes below. As Scrump gingerly pulls himself off of the spikes and the party calls down to him encouragingly, a spectre emerges from the pit wall to attack the isolated half-orc. Phillip and Nerull push their way forward and begin hurling magic at their ghostly enemy. Feeling incredibly fortunate to be wearing his spider-climbing shoes, Scrump climbs away from his attacker as quickly as possible. The spectre rises to engage the magic-users and begins leaching the life out of Phillip. Jerim finally remembers that he can turn undead and trades places with the weakened warlock. Brandishing his holy symbol, Jerim destroys the spectre completely…

A few minutes later…

…the party climbs to the door at the top of the stairs. Scrump opens the door without checking for traps and immediately regrets it. A bolt of lightning flashes down the stairwell, catching the entire party in its path. The powerful bolt leaves a faint crackling in the air, and the smell of burnt flesh is overwhelming. Still very weakened from his encounter with the spectre, Phillip is not strong enough to survive the shock (pun intended) and falls lifelessly down the stairs into the waiting jaws of the… Ok, fine! He just falls dead ON the stairs. They haven’t know this man for long, but they still mourn his passing as they rescue his possessions.

Phillip Gunderson (He Dead!)

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