Demon Prince/Fallen Angel


Adimarchus is a fallen celestial and the exiled demon prince of madness. Centuries ago, he led a rampaging army of demons on an invasion of Celestia. The heavenly host repulsed the demonic army, but at great cost: the angels of Celestia were forced to cast the part of Celestia occupied by the demons into the Abyss, tearing apart the fabric of the plane in the process. This massive chunk of planar matter came to rest on a layer of the Abyss called Occipitus.

Adimarchus acted quickly to incorporate the wreckage of Celestia into Occipitus. In doing so, he became the demon prince of the plane, gaining almost limitless power.Even in defeat, he knew success. For many years, Adimarchus ruled Occipitus, crafting from the ruins a great demonic empire.

Fifty years ago, Adimarchus made a move against a rival demon prince named Graz’zt. In the midst of a battle between Adimarchus’s forces and those of Graz’zt, Adimarchus simply disappeared. Some say Graz’zt killed or captured him, while others say he fled when defeat seemed likely. A few even wonder if he had an attack of conscience and left the Abyss completely on a quest for celestial redemption.



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